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Silver in Cosmetics

Silver in Cosmetics


Safe. Powerful. Brilliant.

Introducing our metallic wonder and one of the stars of the esst story. 

Beautifully suspended in our luxurious cream but invisible to the naked eye, silver has a history spanning millennia. 

In the ancient lands occupied by Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians knowledge of the power silver possessed as an antimicrobial, which included its incredible ability to maintain strong immune function, kept this naturally occurring chemical element in the forefront medicinally for more than 2,000 years. It has even been touted as playing an integral role in safeguarding human health prior to the advent of antibiotics. Before modern day science caught up, those in the ‘old world’ had long before intuited that bacteria, fungus, and viruses that came into contact with silver were immediately killed by it. The Phoenicians used silver not only medicinally but quite cleverly to store provisions of water, wine and vinegar in silver bottles using silver compounds as a food and water preservative to avoid spoiling their precious supplies. 

And it was later that Hippocrates ‘the father of medicine’, elevated the benefits of silver’s healing and anti-disease properties while celebrating its tissue repair and wound healing abilities documented in revered texts dating back to 400BC. It seems even during the Middle Ages the term ‘born with a silver spoon in their mouths’ historically referred to the silver spoons gifted by wealthy god-parents to babies for christening presents as a health benefit.  Should we all be scouring our grand-mothers cupboards for this soft, white, lustrous transitional metal? 

During the 1800’s silver nitrate was used to treat wounds and skin ulcers and soon after fine silver wires were used for sutures that helped heal and repair flesh. So you see from antimicrobial treatments available before the discovery of antibiotic drugs, particularly on the battlefields during World War 1, the use of silver in all kinds of modern day health and cleaning products, including hospital grade disinfectants and band aids, to NASA built water purifiers in outer space, this age-old natural ingredient is being re-born to offer a potent but safe alternative to its toxic counterparts.  And with this in mind it has been our foundation and intention at esst to deliver only the best by combining the wisdom of the past with the science and technology of today. 

The silver mineral solution used in esst is made from the salt of silver and citric acid and it is both non-irritating to the skin and non-carcinogenic. Its ability to kill bacteria and speed cell-regeneration makes it a powerful panacea for skin damage and infection. When esst dual purpose hand cream sanitizer delivers the combination of silver ions with citric acid we also produce an impressive preservative called Silver Citrate, and in doing so eliminate the need for harmful toxic preservatives such as parabens. Silver’s popularity and resurgence is a reflection of our consumers seeking and asking for more natural ways to support their health and well-being and with that in mind we have dynamically and synergistically integrated silver into esst hand sanitising cream combining natural ingredients to nourish and protect.

And, well, do the benefits of silver need any more credibility than that it has been famously and publicly endorsed by Academy Award winning actress Gwenyth Paltrow as a ‘cure all’ remedy. 

We are convinced.