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Hello, welcome to esst. 
Home to the world's first clinically tested sanitising cream born in Bayside, Melbourne, Australia

About Emma 

Emma’s whole life has ultimately led to this moment. With careers in television production, event and entertainment agency roles in which all demanded a common skill set – faultless attention to detail with an inquisitive mind and disciplined spirit. 

It was when she started her make up artistry business in 2009 with her need to use a hand sanitiser many times a day, she became curious about what she was putting on her skin. She went in search of a sanitiser that not only looked good in her studio but gave her confidence about what she was putting into her body whilst feeling beautiful to use. Her search spanned the world until she realised she’d have to formulate herself. 

In developing a sanitising hand and skin cream she was completely naïve about the complexity of meeting her list of requirements; cream formula, premium ingredients, lab tested antibacterial, natural, Australian, vegan and cruelty free, She couldn’t work out why it hadn’t been done before?!

Starting in 2017 and working alongside an exceptional world-renowned chemist esst was born. A nod to the word 'essential' - a range of essential products using essential oils that are as luxurious as they are functional. esst sanitising cream is the first product for the brand.

They were met with scepticism with what they set out to achieve due to the complexity around an emulsion blocking any antibacterial properties. After lots of research, development and testing, they got the mix right. 

The synergy of the consciously chosen ingredients is the key; the essential oils for their antiviral properties, silver and the Australian botanicals working as a solvent to deactivate germs and bugs that sit on the skin as some of the hero ingredients.

They then worked hard to combine an enriched combination of butters and oils, one being shea butter which has an affinity to the skin is non-greasy, with intense moisture, super hydrating but easily absorbed.  This is a working cream, no slip or transfer seconds after applying. The formula is particularly good for cracked skin and a bonus – it won’t sting!

esst has chosen to test the efficacy of its sanitising hand cream. Independent government lab tests prove that it will kill 99.9% of bacteria, reassurance that their product will deliver its dual functions of sanitising and moisturising. 


About esst

In January 2021 a world-first hand sanitising cream launches that revolutionises the way we cleanse and moisturise our skin.

Harnessing the genius of Mother Nature, esst sanitising cream combines plant-based ingredients with medical grade antibacterial properties to formulate a game-changing skincare product. This luxurious cream has a quintessentially Australian botanical scent, feels light on the skin, and provides deep nourishment, belying its germicidal efficacy (lab-tested) to kill 99.9% bacteria 

Botanic Alchemy

Settling for nothing less than botanic alchemy, esst’s synergistic formulation is pivotal to making it a world-first. 

Macadamia Oil, White Cypress Leaf Oil and Shea Butter calm and condition tired, stressed hands. Sandalwood’s transformative properties ensure antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Honey Myrtle Oil, is a leading antibacterial oil, tackling microbes, bacteria, fungus, and viruses. 

Nerolina Oil reinforces this already formidable combination acting as a powerful disinfectant. In addition, its floral and slightly woody scent promotes the aroma therapeutic benefits of anti-anxiety and relaxation by calming and balancing racing minds.

Anchoring this sublime combination is Silver Citrate, a naturally occurring chemical element used medicinally for more than 2000 years, and precursor to antibiotics. Its ability to kill pathogenic microorganisms and speed cell-regeneration makes it a powerful panacea for skin damage and infection. 

Essential Innovation

A nod to the word ‘essential’, esst is the brainchild of Melbourne based make-up artist, and founder, Emma Davis. Back in 2017, Davis was inspired to create a luxury hand cream that would also naturally sanitise.  

“As a makeup artist, I found my hands were constantly drying out and had a constant whiff of chemicals, due to the hand sanitiser I used in between each client consultation.” Davis said.

Davis’s uncompromising approach meant her criteria was non-negotiable. Clearly, 99.9% antibacterial and 100% nourishing were paramount, as was an invigorating scent. Brand pillars of sustainability, transparency, and science-backed performance championed Australian ingenuity and production, ensuring locally-sourced essential oils were 100% pure, natural and traceable botanicals.   

Keen to develop a product which also respected the earth’s natural goodness Davis’s commitment to the planet led her to find packaging produced using sugar cane which is FDA approved for direct food contact and does not contain undesirables, such as Bisphenol A. 

The tubes are made at a facility in NSW, featuring one of Australia’s largest privately-owned solar farms. This energy harvesting verifies the tubes leave virtually no carbon footprint. Additional packaging components are also recyclable, and Davis accepts used tubes mailed back to the team to be professionally recycled. This ethical stance guarantees the hand cream and complementary new products (launching 2022) be vegan, non-toxic and cruelty-free.  

Conceived over four years ago to support a safe work environment, esst products are multitasking for modern times. Health and wellbeing are now priorities for those on the move, so for sanitised, supple, sensational skin, esst is a self care movement.