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THE WEEKEND EDITION GOLD COAST Embrace the new normal with an all natural sanitising hand cream from Melbourne's esst

THE WEEKEND EDITION GOLD COAST Embrace the new normal with an all natural sanitising hand cream from Melbourne's esst

Published in The Weekend Edition Gold Coast on March 19, 2021 by Jade Quinlivan.

Rewind 18 months ago and hand sanitiser probably wasn't something you had dedicated much thought to. Sure, many of us used it from time to time but the majority of the populace didn't carry it around in our pockets and handbags, squeezing and slathering it on several times per day (hour). Now, sanitising our hands has become as routine as brushing our teeth or taking a shower. The downside to all of this increased hand hygiene is that mitts are beginning to look (and feel) a little reptilian as a result of all of the drying properties contained in off-the-shelf sanitiser. Thankfully, there's an alternative, say hello to the world's first clinically tested hand sanitising cream, esst.


Long before Corona was anything but a tasty beverage, Melbourne-based make-up artist Emma Davis began formulating a product that would nourish her hands whilst sanitising in-between clients. It’s taken four long years but it’s finally here! The luxurious hand cream contains macadamia oil, white cypress-leaf oil and shea butter for moisture, whilst sandalwood delivers naturally occurring antiseptic properties. Nerolina oil and honey-myrtle oil also help to tackle nasty microbes, bacteria, fungus and viruses. esst also includes silver citrate, which has been proven to remove unwanted skin bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. Hot tip, the multi-purpose cream can also be used as an after-shave balm for gents and ladies as well as a refreshing foot cream, aid for chafing and even to help calm acne and rosacea. In short, it’s your beauty bag’s quiet overachiever.

 In developing a sanitising hand and skin cream, Emma admits she was naïve about the complexity of meeting her list of requirements – a luscious cream formula, premium ingredients, lab-tested antibacterial, natural, Australian, vegan and cruelty-free. She didn’t feel like it was a lot to ask but as it turns out, it was. In 2017, Emma enlisted the help of an exceptional world-renowned chemist and esst’s signature product was in development. A nod to the word ‘essential’, esst sanitising cream is the first product for the brand that is dedicated to creating a range of products using essential oils that are as luxurious as they are functional. Keen to protect your paws?

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