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Presenting esst: the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift

Presenting esst: the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift

Christmas is a time for recognising the gratitude you have for your clients and rewarding the brilliant achievements of your staff. More than anything, you want to give something meaningful that has real thought behind it; something that says, we value your contribution to our business.

Don’t make your corporate Christmas gift an afterthought: the message that sends remains far beyond the gift-giving season.

Presenting esst as your unique corporate gift is pure perfection. So much thought went into the creation of this innovative multitasker, you don’t have to think of anything.

esst sanitising hand and skin cream is the first of its kind featuring a multitasking formula that sanitises, moisturises, and soothes moisturises, sanitises, & soothes. Could there be a more appropriate gift this season?

Corporate Gifts for Clients

esst is understated luxury. It says thank you without being ostentatious, it says high-end without being haughty. It is essential, practical, and handy; the type of gift that your clients will reach for over and over, associating your wisdom with their joy. Every time someone reaches for esst to sanitise, revitalise or sterilise their hands, the delight on their face will be a reminder of you.

esst is also one of the best corporate gifts for clients as it’s easily egalitarian; suited to men and women of all ages, skin types, and sensitivities. Its unisex packaging sits elegantly within everyone's workspace so it’s always on hand.

Christmas Gifts for Staff

esst antibacterial hand moisturiser says you care about the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Businesses face new challenges keeping staff motivated and cohesive, combining work from home and office environments as well as adapting to the new normal and being prepared to pivot at a moment’s notice. esst sanitising hand cream creates a safe space by proving an extra layer of protection with its government-tested formula of killing 99.9% of bacteria.

esst not only works as the perfect corporate Christmas gift for your employees, it is the savvy option for staff achievements, reward and recognition, thank yous, and other holiday celebrations.

Corporate Gifts at Arm’s Reach

esst is also great to have at arm’s reach for those unpredictable moments that arise. Imagine having esst on hand for those last-minute Secret Santa or Kris Kringle gifts or stocking stuffers. Or when someone unexpectedly arrives with a gift and you need something equally as thoughtful in return. With an unopened shelf life of two years, having a few spare already gift-boxed makes those spontaneous moments joyous and not awkward.

Remember esst is vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic which is particularly considerate for your plant-based, eco-friendly friends and colleagues. And once again, the men in our lives need some hand care love too.

Corporate Christmas Gifting Made Easy

esst sanitising hand cream can be purchased in multiples of two or three. Or to request a custom quote for your corporate Christmas gift order, no matter how big or small, please contact us to discuss further or call 1300 528 138.

We offer FREE shipping on all first orders with code WELCOME. The elegant embossed box is stylish enough on its own, however, you can discuss gift wrapping options with us. We can also organise for them to be sent direct to your staff, giving you back precious time at the hectic end of the year.

Wishing you all peace and prosperity this Christmas. Sigue leyendo

Q&A with esst Chemist and Formulator

Q&A with esst Chemist and Formulator
“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what no one has thought.” Dr Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Hand care has definitely leveled up since we found ourselves amidst a pandemic. Regular hand washing is a genuine way to prevent the spread of any disease, however, the side effects of harsher soaps or high alcohol content in traditional hand sanitisers have left several people’s skin sensitised, dehydrated, and irritated.

Serendipitously, esst sanitising hand cream was in production prior to the pandemic and has the fortuitous outcome of both sanitising the skin while also moisturising it. esst is the intersection of luxury and science because it began when the makeup artist met the scientist* and created their own brand of chemistry.

What initially attracted you to the field of chemistry? My fundamental love for science and fascination with wanting to work for AVON.

What skincare products inspire you?
Results-driven skincare, but simple. Formulas that create more with less, because the combination of ingredients is clever not “trending.” Science has been doing some amazing research and development in the space, where we are creating ingredients to use that have a MINIMAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. Think algae, peptides, and fermented probiotics. They’re very exciting! Ingredients that are sustainably sourced are the future because our environment is in jeopardy and if we don’t do anything about it right now, we won’t have trees and plants or any valuable living resources for future generations.

When you see a new skincare formulation, what do you look for?
The preservative system. First and foremost, I want to make sure there is a preservation system in place and that it is the right one for the formulation. Preservatives get a bad wrap, however, they protect against bacteria and microbes contaminating products. For me, safety for the consumer is a priority.

Why did esst decide to work with your lab?
My understanding is that Emma (Davis, founder) spoke with many formulators who told her that her idea was not possible. When she came to me, we explored her concept and I was confident that we could succeed on both points of sanitisation and moisturisation, resulting in a beautiful product. Our motto is We Create The Different!

What was the greatest challenge formulating esst sanitising hand cream? Emma wanted a hand sanitiser that wasn’t the traditional 70-80% Ethanol Gel Base, rather something that was more gentle for her industry (as a professional makeup artist) and also safe for the whole family. One of the greatest challenges was trying to create a stable formula with the criteria of killing 99.9% of germs and still have it validated by the government. This was incredibly difficult. We went back to the drawing board, many, many times, but this is not uncommon for development chemists, who are determined to get it right as well as valid.

What challenges do you face when formulating vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly products?
Adhering to the “marketing claims” some brands seek is very difficult because not all brands genuinely understand the impact their products have on the environment. When we seek ingredients like “Palm-Free,” meaning the formula contains no derivatives of palm oil, we are inevitably using another resource in ABUNDANCE, such as coconut oil, though not as sustainably sourced. Our suppliers are certified by RSPO, in line with Emma’s sustainability ethos.

Why do traditional hand sanitisers leave skin feeling dry and irritated? Many hand sanitisers are 70-80% Ethanol (usually petroleum-based Ethanol), with a Gel Base to thicken the system. There isn’t anything wrong with traditional hand sanitisers, they are fit for purpose. However, the high percentage of alcohol dries the skin as it evaporates, including the majority of the humectant, preventing the skin’s barrier from remaining intact. Too many of us interchange “bacterial” and “viral.”

Can you clarify the difference?
This is more common than you think and understandable as so many brands have misled the consumers for a “quick sale.” Without writing a thesis; the main difference is that bacteria are free-living cells that can live inside or outside a body, while viruses are a non-living group of molecules that need a host to survive, and are usually covered by fat. This distinction is crucial for explaining why washing your hands with warm, soapy water usually disrupts this “fatty” layer - in turn disrupting the virus.

esst sanitising hand cream kills 99.9% of bacteria, does that also mean it can kill viruses? esst can claim that it kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs as this was independently tested via a government laboratory. Again, as to the distinction between bacteria and viruses above, soap and water break down the “fatty” layer that covers viruses and this is an effective means to rid them from your skin. Then you can apply esst for moisturisation and sanitisation.

Parting Words of Wisdom

  1. The unique formulation of esst is a particularly proud achievement for the team as it passed the Government Testing Lab Kill Rate test. This sanitising hand cream has been tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs when applied to the skin, while also leaving it nourished and freshly scented. Genuine innovation.
  2. The best way to kill viruses (a non-living group of molecules that need a host to survive) is to wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Then apply esst.
  3. Being informed about the science in beauty does not necessarily mean you understand the science of beauty. For an ingredient deep dive, you can read esst sanitising hand cream’s full ingredient deck.

We hear the term synergistic formulation often in the beauty and skincare industries, but sometimes the real genius is the chemistry between two people.

*esst’s cosmetic chemist is the Director and Chief Chemist of her own government laboratory in Australia. Her extensive education includes a BSc Chemistry Hon, Dip. Scientific Practice, Dip. Cosmetic Science (UK), Adv Dip Organic Cosmetic Formulation Science and Cert IV Training & Assessment. She has been instrumental in creating and building six Technical Laboratories in China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Her dedication to Women In Science has ensured training for all their staff, so as to offer them jobs within the industry and begin valuable careers. Sigue leyendo

esst wins the Best New Luxury Skincare Product 2021

esst wins the Best New Luxury Skincare Product 2021

esst® Sanitising Hand Cream
Best New Luxury Skincare Product 2021
APAC Business Awards


The votes of the sixth annual APAC Business Awards have been tallied and APAC Insider is thrilled to announce the winner of the Best New Luxury Skincare Product 2021 is:

esst® Sanitising Hand Cream

esst is honoured to be recognised alongside their fellow nominees and beyond grateful that APAC Insider determined us winners of  Best New Luxury Skincare Product 2021.

APAC Business Awards 2021

Each year APAC Insider endeavours to recognise only the most deserving brands for excellence in business, with nominees judged via rigorous evaluation. Their “approach reflects the innovative, dedicated and results-focused culture…” of the Asia-Pacific Region.

The assessment criteria for the Business Awards focuses on the merits of the products, skills and/or services offered by each nominated company. This approach has proven successful, as it allows the committee to identify only the most outstanding businesses from across the APAC region.

“To move successfully from nominee to awardee there must be evidence of expertise within a given field, dedication to customer service, and an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.” 

A Rewarding Experience

The recognition of APAC Insider allows esst to get into the hands of those who need it. This is why we developed the product: to make sanitising your hands effortless and effective.

The teams at esst, our laboratory partners, as well as the packaging and delivery services have all worked together to create a sanitising hand cream that is elegant, efficacious, and eco-friendly. It is so rewarding to be recognised for all the hard work and we’re thrilled to be part of the APAC Insider community.

We embrace this chance to share our story and look forward to the opportunities that come with being Best New Luxury Skincare Product 2021.

Why esst Is Essential

The impetus behind esst was to provide a nourishing hand sanitising cream that could be used often without stripping the skin’s natural barrier. Ensuring antibacterial properties was essential, as well as being vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly.

esst doesn’t want you to have to think about the essential components of sanitising, moisturising, and soothing your hands; that’s our job. We just want you to know that every time you use esst, your hands are protected by a premium hand cream safe from germs, and bacteria. We took rigorous measures to claim esst kills 99.9% of bacteria through extensive lab tests.

The bonus aromatherapy benefits offer uplifting, calming, and stabilising effects, giving you that luxurious moment of self-care and imagination.

Informed Beauty

esst is dedicated to developing sustainable products in conjunction with socially responsible manufacturers and local producers.

Our supplier specialises in manufacturing quality recyclable PET bottles and closures. Both the tube manufacturer and the bottle manufacturer are Australian companies, which is a genuine achievement for a cosmetic brand to be so dedicated in sourcing and supporting local suppliers.

Manufactured on a solar farm in NSW, the carbon-neutral sugar cane PE in conjunction with the farm’s green energy result in tubes that have almost no carbon footprint. We also provide a service by which the empty tubes are recycled. Even our shipping partner’s packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

End-to-end, esst is Informed Beauty.

Free-Ranging esst

Please look out for esst via the APAC Insider website, the APAC Business Awards 2021 magazine, and other press media. We’d love to hear your esst experience on our socials. Follow us out there. 

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