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Aromatherapy Promotes Better Sleep and Supports Immunity

Aromatherapy Promotes Better Sleep and Supports Immunity

We have all experienced ‘those long nights’ tossing and turning in bed. Watching as the clock ticks closer to the looming morning alarm, followed by the inevitable fatigue as we drift in and out of focus during work the next day.

Impacts Of Chronic Insomnia

At some point in life, almost everyone (14.8% of Australians) experiences insomnia. This encompasses difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. Environmental, psychological, or physical triggers (such as stress and/or poor diet) impact our sleep quality and, if left unaddressed, can propel ‘one bad night’s sleep’ into an ongoing and debilitating issue.

Aside from the noticeable impact of poor sleep (such as fatigue, poor concentration, and compromised memory) prolonged sleep disturbance can negatively impact our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Research has shown that chronic insomnia increases the risk of developing mental health issues (i.e. depression, anxiety).

What is also of concern is the potential negative impact of prolonged sleep disturbance on our immune system. A study into behavioural sleep discussed a type of immune cell in our body that helps fight disease, called Natural Killer Cells (NK). NK cells are particularly important in our body’s defence against viruses, such as the common cold, as well as the rate at which our body can heal wounds. Research has shown that decreased NK cells in our body is associated with decreased resistance to viral illnesses (our body has a lower ability to fight viruses), increased susceptibility to the common cold (we are more likely to catch the common cold), and slower wound healing (our body takes longer to heal open wounds.)

Overall, if we have recurring disturbed sleep (chronic insomnia), we have an increased risk of developing mental health issues (such as depression), and our body finds it harder to fight off disease (impacted immune system).

Aromatherapy Promotes Better Sleep

Given that we now know how important sleep is to our mental and physical health, what can we do to improve the quality and duration of our sleep-cycle? And how do we prevent chronic insomnia without relying on prescription medication? Fortunately, there is a natural alternative that promotes better sleep and esst offers you that solution.

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being, and has been proven to promote quality sleep. The better quality sleep we get, the better chance our mind and body have at fighting off disease.

Clinical trials have studied the effects of aromatherapy essential oil inhalation on sleep quality. You may be thinking how can inhaling oils extracted from plants be effective in improving sleep? Not only does this method improve sleep, research has also shown the benefits of inhalation of essential oils on our stress levels, as well as the quality of our sleep. Further research on aromatherapy in the elderly shows inhalation of essential oils is one of the most effective, and safest methods to address sleep disorders, in that demographic.

Essential Ingredients

esst contains a blend of essential oils, one of which includes Sandalwood. In addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits, Sandalwood research has shown the positive impact this ingredient has on calming the mind and enhancing one’s mood. Further evidence into Sandalwood's scent highlights its relaxing and sedative impacts upon inhalation.

esst’s carefully curated formula ensures maximum benefits from only essential ingredients.

Restful Sleep Within Arms Reach

The bottom line: quality sleep is crucial for decreasing our risk of mental and physical illness. Scientifically proven natural alternatives such as aromatherapy are available to facilitate this.

Don’t spend another restless night, facing a frustrating dawn. Choose esst and tuck yourself in for a good sleep to give your mental and physical health the upper hand.