Personalise, enjoy, and save 10% on 3 esst products with code BESPOKE! Complimentary SHIPPING $80 + Personalise, enjoy, and save 10% on 3 esst products with code BESPOKE! Complimentary SHIPPING $80 +


derived from the word "essential"

Essential ethical approach for you and our planet


self-care products

Based in Melbourne, esst is Australian owned and operated, committed to creating products that are performance based, sustainable and luxurious.

    Our Mission

    Our brand's mission is to use less and waste less. We like nice things but not at a cost to our health or our home.

      esst prioritise your overall wellness, acknowledging the vital connection between your health and the products you apply to your skin and inhale.

      How our story began

      The story of esst began long before the COVID-19 pandemic when our founder, Emma Davis, a Melbourne Makeup Artist, sought to create a safer and more skin-friendly work environment for herself. Today, in a world where hygiene has become a mainstream ritual, our meticulously crafted formulas extend to all walks of life.

      Our commitment

      to you and the environment

      At esst, we are committed to helping you look and feel your best while also respecting the planet. Our innovative formulas are carefully crafted with natural ingredients such as Silver Citrate, Shea Butter, and the sophisticated essence of four Australian Botanicals. Designed to nourish, heal, and protect both your skin and soul, they offer a truly transformative experience.

      esst & sustainability

      In our quest for sustainability, all our offerings come in refillable, recyclable packaging. This commitment reflects our dedication to reducing waste and minimising our environmental impact.

      Making hygiene an indulgent ritual of self-care

      We understand that hygiene is not just about cleanliness but also about maintenance and prevention. That's why our carefully crafted formulas go beyond offering antibacterial properties. They provide luxurious experiences that uplift both your body and mind where beauty, well-being, and sustainability seamlessly intertwine.