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Informed Beauty is Transparent

sanitising hand cream

Formulation transparency is key to ‘Informed Beauty’, especially in the ingredient-focused culture that is currently flourishing. Consumers have become more conscientious, less likely to believe marketing hype, and more inclined to do a product deep dive into their favourite brands.

Reading the ingredient deck on a cosmetic product has become synonymous with reading the nutritional information on food packaging. Information about the formulas that we put on our skin, the ethos of the brand, and how they source their materials has become as important as the claim of the actual product.

esst embraces the philosophy of Informed Beauty; which is to value information, and transparency around non-toxic ingredients, science-backed research, and sustainable packaging of products. We rely on third-party data and independent sources to ensure that every step of our process is ethical and environmentally friendly.

We believe continuously educating ourselves about what we put onto our bodies is central to the decision-making process. It means choosing products based on ingredients, brand mission, and authenticity. Whether it’s skincare, body care, or hair care products, we value what’s under the microscope. We are proud of our ingredient deck: there’s no hiding the origins of our ingredients, and no exploitation in sourcing them.

Clean Beauty versus Informed Beauty

The term ‘Clean Beauty’ is subjective and as such open to interpretation, as there is no current global definition for clean skincare. Similar terms such as ‘Natural Beauty’ and ‘Green Beauty’ are also used interchangeably when referring to raw or natural skincare ingredients. However, as this is a relatively new movement, there is no industry standard and brands currently decide what their version of ‘clean’ means.

There is an old expression, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” meaning don’t eliminate the good while eliminating the bad.

Informed Beauty takes an educated approach. It’s prudent to be aware of the role science plays when considering a chemical ingredient, or one you deem not natural or green. Much of the information found online will be referring to industrial quantities of concentrated chemicals and not the diluted quantities cosmetic chemists use. It’s their scientific knowledge and expertise that use efficacious amounts to stabilise or preserve a formulation. Consumer safety is always paramount.

Essential Synergistic Formulation

The unique and sophisticated combination of ingredients in esst provides a synergistic effect of skin moisture and sanitisation. Our innovative formulation is the ultimate intersection of science and luxury and frankly, a remarkable achievement of which we are truly proud.

Logical Ingredient Percentages

Our cream formula is not 100% natural. It has a natural profile greater than 95%, and in combination with the antibacterial ingredients of Honey Myrtle Oil, White Cypress, Nerolina Oil, and Sandalwood, it does kill 99.9% of germs. 

The 5% of ingredients that are synthetic are all safe and used well below allowable percentages. They are crucial to preserving the cosmetic and preventing infections. Our 95% plus natural formula has been lab tested so we can confidently and legally make the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) claim of killing bacteria.

esst sanitising hand cream claims:

  • Naturally Derived Ingredients
  • Non-Toxic Skincare
  • 99.9% Antibacterial
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan
  • 100% Australian Owned and Manufactured

Alcohol Content

Using traditional hand sanitisers with over 70% alcohol can prove uncomfortable because over time you can experience irritation, cracking, and skin sensitivity.

esst offer an alternative to traditional ethanol-based sanitisers that rely on high alcohol percentages to perform the function of killing 99.9% of bacteria. 

Small percentages of alcohol in cosmetic products act as a carrier for the other ingredients to perform at their full potential. This provides less irritation and gives a pleasing texture. Alcohol also has a stabilising effect on ingredients. People can feel safe in the knowledge that esst doesn’t destroy the lipids on the skin, is non-flammable, and is also safe to use on children.

Preservative System

esst uses a proven preservative system to guarantee the product can stand up to the microbe pressures of consumers and all ingredients are formulated well under the ‘safe level’ guidelines. No ingredients exceed the threshold in the official industry schedule.

The ACCC updated laws relating to labels and warnings about hand sanitiser which do not apply to our product. It is not flammable and alcohol is not the primary active ingredient (like typical sanitisers.)

Individual Beauty

Informed Beauty is a well-being lifestyle that will benefit your skin and the planet. esst delivers quality, sustainable skincare solutions that are safe, effective, researched, and eco-friendly. Our goal is to become a trusted resource while providing premium products to help you achieve your individual definition of beauty.